Sep 112006
BLACKOUT: September 11, 2006, 10:52:22 PM

Power cord Hole The first order of business was putting in the monitor. Looking back on thing putting in the monitor should have been one of the later things, but…oh well. Live and learn. I realized early on that I forgot to drill a hole for my power cord. Doh’. So, Being very careful not […]

Sep 072006

I have really wanted to be done for a while now. I want to have a few weeks of not having to think about how to configure this or that. I am getting a little burnt out. I have put so much detail into places that folks will never see, so the places that they […]

Sep 062006

I am waiting on a marquee retainer from Arcadeshop. It should be here on Friday. I guess once you get the cabinet inside, the build process fractures. I have been trying to get the dang thing done. I have been sitting at my desktop and am held up with the FE (Front End) issues. I […]

Jul 032006
BLACKOUT: July 03, 2006, 02:56:49 PM

I have now hauled the thing upstairs to my game room. Then I began the process of installing the guts. It seems to be a fad with builders to use your Air Hockey table as a staging area for anything and everything that gets done in the game room. Well this game room is no […]

Jul 022006
BLACKOUT: July 02, 2006, 07:38:02 PM

After the near demise of the cabinet, I thought that I would take things a little slower. I also decided that I would not make any posts until I reached a mile marker. This way I would not be trying to hastily make decisions I might regret later on. It may sound stupid, but there […]

Jun 082006

Gluecade lives!!! Clamps and Elmer’s make the world go round. The cab seems solid so I think I am somewhat out of the woods. I put a new full layer of black paint on last night. I tried a more nappy roller at the recommendation of my next door neighbor. He said that it would […]