Nov 092014

It seems that the “_______ Challenge” is the meme of the moment. One that bubbled up on Facebook the other day (at least, the first I heard of it), was the black and white challenge. I thought that they were putting me on. But apparently it is going around like the flu. So, my mother in law volunteered me. I was told that I needed to put up a B&W photo every day for 5 days, and these can come from previously shot photos. I am not seeing the challenge here, but sure. I’m game. So here are my 5 pictures… Photo 1: This was taken in Ireland this past summer during a family reunion.

Photo 2: Taken at Epcot last year.

Photo 3: This is a memorial put in place near Cork to honor the people who fought for the independence of Ireland.

Photo 4: The Norfolk Southern steam train. This was taken a couple of years ago during a shoot.

Photo 5:  The Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel in Colorado

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Jul 142011

Yeah, I know massivity is not a real word… just be ok with it.

Every 2 years the company I work for holds a rather large convention. I am not talking about a hotel ballroom, nice dinner, and a DJ. I talking about a full on, gigantical, colossical, massivity of a convention. We quite literally took over the Georgia Dome for a little over a week. A massive spectacle with concert sound, lighting, 50,000+ crazy attendees.

My job… shoot it. I shot brazillion pictures and hours of footage which was initially supposed to be edited into a doc. But at the eleventh hour as with most projects, things changed. They now wanted a upbeat rockin’ music video. I had shot everything smooth and slow.  Oh well… But it was still a fun piece though. As far as pictures go, there were too many things to shoot. Everywhere you look there was another something interesting. As I have said in the past, I am a sucker for blinky things and this was the granddaddy of blinky things.

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