Aug 302017

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I tend to get long winded. I will skip the full story and just say… My original blog (the whole thing) was eradicated. I went to show someone something that I had posted, and when I pulled up the page I got the “Page can not be found” error. Not believing it I tried a number of different ways to hit it, but no, the whole site was gone. While I do do backups (I am sure that’s not the proper way to say it)(but…), I have just learned that the while WordPress back ups might be a wonderful thing, but the restore tool isn’t. I contacted my hosting company and again, long story short, they were able to restore it from some deep dark recess of the internetwebs. I then started a little fun battle with databases. I personally have never used databases, but apparently WordPress is all about databases. Who knew?. When I would access the site, I was met with “Database Error. Nothing Found”. Nothing? Well, nothing I did could get the site back up and functional again. So, another call into the hosting company to ask what was up. They looked and found that the restored database was not at all right. They (several people working on it) fought it for close to 20 minutes. “Check it now sir”. I opened a new tab and sure enough, the pages loaded. This was a beautiful thing. I could not imagine trying to start this over again. This has been many hours of my life writing it all up. Trying to remake it? Or even restoring from the WordPress back up and having to relink every image and whatnot. I am grateful for my restore. (Yeah, so what’s the point?) The point is, the restore is similar to Pet Cemetery. Once it comes back from the dead, it’s not quite the same. It looks like the old site, sort of, but it has a few issues. One of which (and something which is driving me batty) is that the restore has inserted a bajillion accented A’s (  ). They are everywhere, and for what I can tell, no good reason. The hosting company explained that while they can get it back, sometimes there will be… side effects. So, I get to go through all my posts, hunting down each blasted Â, one by one. I thought, well, I will just search the text and erase, click next, and erase. But no, that would be too easy. Putting  in the “Find” box returns every “a” on the page. Not good. Also, I have noticed that my colors are all off and there are some things missing. So, bear with me, it’s being worked on.

UPDATE: It turns out that I also have other contamination. It seems that I have â€œ, â€¦, and â€™ ‘s as well. The â€™ is showing up where apostrophes once were. 

UPDATE 2: I finished the first page of posts. What a pain in the butt. I am able to copy the text into TextEdit (Mac), and then do find and replace (it recognizes the Â), but being that I have a lot of photos scattered throughout the posts, I can’t take all the text at once, just the text between the images. So, it’s many trips back and forth. But there are SO many of the blasted things, I am bound to miss a few, so the automation helps.

UPDATE 3: If you ever find yourself in this same situation, instead of fixing it in the visual mode, switch to the all text side of things (where all the markup is shown), copy all of that into TextEdit (or word processor of choice), make changes, then copy / paste back into the blog. Check. Save.

UPDATE 4: 09-09-17 I have gone through about 70 posts. I still have about 30 posts to go. I am also fixing some issues with photos because of the formatting that WordPress stripped out of the software. This has caused a few of the older posts to spaz out.

Update 5: 09-18-17 I think I have all the nasty additions cleared. Like I said above, I am sure that there are a few random stragglers, but it’s far better than it was a few weeks ago.

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Mar 022014

I saw a shared post on Facebook the other night, where apparently “liberals” were offended by a car commercial (Cadillac). I went and read the article because I thought that it was an interesting concept commercial and didn’t understand why one might be offended by it. I was going to to link to the blog post, but decided not to. While many of his ideas were on track, the rest of the post was full of hateful nonsense trying to make the point. Way to take it too far.

But as I thought through it, I think I figured out what the real problem was. It’s not the liberals, and it is not the conservatives. It is the continuous stream of BS news about the liberals and conservatives. So much polar absolutism. So much rage. So much hate. How do these things get so out of hand? Spin. So… here it is… One or two people say something stupid about some topic. The news then gets a hold of it, and inflates it full of farm fresh hyperbole, and now all the (fill in the social group)s are ALL the side of said issue. From a guy who does not subscribe to either side, I don’t think there is anything to be offended by (speaking of  the above mentioned commercial). If someone is deeply offended, and hurt by a stupid commercial, it is time to put on the big boy pants and get over it. This is NOT the type of thing you need to get into an uproar about. More, if you are offended, don’t demand to have the commercial pulled, demand that the media in general be pulled. The media has turned into educational programming in how, and why, you should hate thy neighbor.

I subscribe to the idea of looking at each thing and making up MY OWN mind (regardless of who else thinks the same). And guess what… Sometimes my thoughts are not what is popular. Sorry, hope this doesn’t offend you. If you feel the need to hate me, so be it. Unfriend me, or close the tab and be done with it, but I refuse to be sucked in by this polar stupidity.

If I am offended by something, I am offended by the perpetuation of hatred of my fellow man (or woman). Here’s a novel idea, perhaps look for some good in people. Try to find the things we have in common. Hmmm… Try loving one another. Try to focus on appreciating each other,  for actually having an opinion, and perhaps try to look at an idea from more than one side.

Lastly, for the love of God, please turn off any talk radio, news show, tv show, or Facebook post that spins any other group of people as totally evil and wrong, or totally right and oh so saintly. Many of these sources of poison are NOT in need of reporting good, solid, fact based news, they are in need of sponsorship money. They will spin things in the worst possible way. Why? Because people are so accustom to hearing bad things, bad things need to be amplified in order to evoke an emotional response. So, they claw at all that makes us human to find that little ounce of feeling that we have left. They want into your brain. They want to control your thoughts. They want to sway your thoughts, feelings, emotions.

Why? Because a people that are divided have no strength. People who are divided will fight amongst them selves instead of dealing with the real threat. Be careful what you allow into your mind. Be careful about who you let control your thoughts. Be careful who you follow. Because guess what? There are many people/groups/organizations competing to get into your mind, trying to get you to think about things in ways you might not actually think (if you actually thought for yourself). If someone is teaching you to hate, to turn you against someone else, because by God, they are DIFFERENT than YOU (because WE tell you WHO TO BE…), while somewhat difficult in this era of history (infestation of media, and spin), please don’t listen. More, please don’t share, post, or re-post hateful garbage. You are not helping anything, or anyone, you ARE the problem, or you are just making the problem worse. Yes, sure, it is so much easier to hate. Hate takes no effort. Getting along with others takes some effort, but you can at least go to bed, tired for the right reasons.

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