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Hey, thanks for visiting my blog.

About Me: I am an explorer of life and all the stuff it has to offer. I am a ravenous learner and am always looking into something new. Having been like this… well for all my life, I know my patterns. See something cool, admire something cool, investigate cool thing, deep dive and learn all about cool thing, figure out how I can avoid paying for cool thing by making my own (usually doesn’t work, but it’s fun to go through the process), and make cool thing. Blogging… I am not a writer. I don’t pretend to be, and wish there were a better way of doing it, but alas… here we are. I play with complex things and this, more or less, is where I document it for myself, and anyone else who might walk through life the same way I do. My blog is not, nor will it be the homeland for grammatical correctness, so take it for what it is. I try to photo-journal because I feel that a photo can convey the idea far more than words in a lot of cases. Usually I will place a gallery at the end of the post of all images in the post as well as other angles. I know I need this when I am looking for answers myself. I am a photographer, but many times when I am working on a project, I don’t want to get bogged down and start worrying about light and perfect bokeh, I am trying to document. So in that… please don’t judge. There’s some pretty pictures in there as well. Just don’t get spoiled.

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THE OTHER (not fun but important) STUFF: Plagiarizing Stanley Kubrick… “Let’s get things nice and sparkling clear”. It’s time for the serious bits. (Duck and cover folks… here comes MYX lawyereese)(and it’s not gwanna be pretty. That’s for sure).

SAFETY: I am writing this blog as a way of documenting some of the projects which I have personally worked on, or been a part of. This blog is not intended to necessarily tell someone ‘the correct way’ to do something (though I will try). The stories on this blog are essentially life stories… How I got from point A to B (usually by visiting C, L, Y, R, S, K, G, and W first). The sorts of projects and activities I like to work on tend to be very complex. I love to dig deep into some unknown realm. Most posts are just me, in the process of learning some new skill (or lack there of). I generally do talk through the mental processes on how I came to my decisions. BUT MY decisions may not necessarily represent the proper, proven, or safest method to go about it, and furthermore should NOT necessarily be used as your sole guide, and should be approached with caution. Do your research. More, it should be noted that some of the methods I am using have the potential to cause you and yours physical (heh… and / or mental) harm. Therefore, I would advise you evaluate you own skill level at whatever task you might be undertaking to decide if it is safe for you, or more importantly… those around you. I will not be held responsible for the decisions you choose to make as they are your decisions. I have not, and will not ever hold you at gunpoint and tell you you must follow my instructions. No… if you choose to do something which is mentioned in this blog, that decision is you choosing to do so, of your own free will. If I see something as potentially hazardous, I will try to point those things out. More, I will mention it for sure if said activity gave me a scare. I experiment, blow crap up, adapt, and move on. We just hope that the end of the day, we still have all fingers and toes accounted for. I do not know, what I do not know, and therefore can not know all the outcomes of the projects I undertake. Again, you will take the responsibility of owning your own actions. If you can’t, then this is really not the site for you. Okay? Okay… Yeah, I think I have beat that topic into the dirt. Next!

BE NICE: I invite you to comment on my posts. I have turned on moderating for first time posters, so please be patient if you try to ask a question, or provide feedback. One thing which I will not stand for, (and for which you will be excommunicated from the site), engaging in hateful, derogatory, or just unkind words. We all can learn from others. Sometimes it’s not fun to screw up, but it happens, and folks should be encouraged to continue, learning from said mistakes.  Nothing good comes from demeaning someone for asking a question, so don’t do it here.

ASSOCIATE LINKS: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

I am doing this to help offset the costs of the webspace so I can just enjoy writing the blog without the burden of paying for it out of pocket. If you see a product link to an item I am talking about, it means that it worked for me and I recommend it. I will NOT provide links to any items I consider as crap for the sole purpose of getting clicks*. I think that’s shallow and pisses me off when other people do it. Jus’ sayin’. When I am researching ideas for my projects, it has been very helpful when people have linked to somewhere you can find the supplies, or the items to push a project forward. When you are diving deep into a new area of learning, there is generally a layer of jargon which makes topics somewhat cloudy. New concepts, and items with names we don’t yet know. I try to point these things out when talking about them, and if I have them, I will put a name to them. I will not ever pressure you, nor anyone to buy something. I hate that when someone gets that slimy used car salesman vibe about them. So… I will only link to things I have used to accomplish the project at hand. Cool?

* Some projects I try to use the most inexpensive way to achieve some result. If I am linking to some cheap piece of crap you you can extricate some gizmo to finish the project, I will note that the thing is crap and only being purchased for said gizmo.

COPYRIGHT: Unless it’s stated in writing directly from me (which will be in email or paper form resulting from a conversation between us), I do not grant the use of my images, posts, or designs to be copied and posted elsewhere. The images I place are my own (unless otherwise stated). I work very hard to keep my posts as original as possible. If I got an idea from someone else, I will state it, and I will link to where I found it, so you too may gain that knowledge. I will not borrow from somewhere else for your benefit. I state this because I was asked why I didn’t provide copy / paste someone else’s information into my blog. While the answer should seem obvious, some folks always look for the easiest route. If this is is how you are wired, perhaps this is not the site for you. Again, I do provide the information on some of these things, but it is in the form of a link. If you can’t be bothered to go and read about it, I am sorry, that will be your loss. I am sorry if this feels crass, but a lot of this stuff is very difficult and some ground work is absolutely necessary. So… do the work, and enjoy the fruits of what that brings.

FILES, PROGRAMS, PLANS: I may provide plans to help you, should you try building your own version of said… thing. I have written some scripts and other useful items which I make available. Some of these things may include instructions. I express no guarantee, or warranty that these things will work for you. It is possible that over time, something may become obsolete because technology has moved on. While I might try to update said thing, it’s also possible that I will not. I only have so many hours in a day, and can not spend it maintaining it all. It is a DIY site after all, take it and try to fix it. More, I will not be held responsible for what ever the outcome which is a result of you using the information, files, programs, plans. There are many times too many variables in this universe, and we can’t keep an eye on all of it all the time. If you do use something and it becomes useful to you, please be sure to comment and let me know. If you have a blog, or site where your ‘thing’ is displayed, please send me a link. It’s a wonderful thing to know you have helped or even inspired people to get out of their comfort zone and make stuff.

Thanks again for visiting. I hope that you find yourself at home here. Pull up a chair, crack a beer (if you are of legal age)(and not operating dangerous machinery)(and not… yeah… skip the beer), and let’s build some crap.

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