Sep 112016

Accidents happen, and sometimes you just end up with egg on your face, but for completely innocent reasons.

Last night we went to the Atlanta Symphony doing John Williams music.  Most notably, Star Wars would dominate the second half of the concert (I know… nice, right?). It was an outdoors concert with people dressed up as every imaginable Star Wars… ‘thing’ you could imagine. Most of the costumes were very nicely constructed. So many little details. The kinds of things I geek out on.

Of course we were people watching… Commenting on this person and that droid… About 10 minutes before the concert began, an Asian man dressed in a long flowing robe thing with black pants, a black shirt, a really long black waist worn tie comes walking along (in sandals with black socks no less). I think to myself, that’s a really nice looking costume, but… what is it? Then is struck me, it was Chirrut Imwe from the new Rogue One movie which hasn’t even come out yet. He sat down on the blanket next to us, so… I have to talk to him, right? I said, “man that’s really cool”. He looked surprised and asked what was cool. I said, “you, wearing a costume for a movie which has not even been released. How incredibly on the leading edge”. He looked puzzled and responded… “I am a priest”. Stunned… I am then sitting there adding up all the variables completely realized what I had done. Given the situation, and all the costumes, and the characters, and and and… I sat there laughing, and explained where I made my error. I apologized. I pulled the Rogue One trailer up on my phone so he could see the costume. He got it and though it was funny as he had never seen the trailer and had never seen the character(yeah… the force is strong with this one). It was a mistake, but it led to some enjoyable conversation through the night.

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