Nov 162014
Locks -n- Lights

Getting the precious home was one thing. Getting it to work was the next. I wanted to see these things light up. While the internet is one of my favorite things, trying find the right words to search when stepping into a completely new subject can be tricky. This one fortunately came together rather quickly. […]

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Nov 132014
A Trip to the Tracks

For the past few weeks a pile has been growing near a railroad crossing I pass each day. The pile was made up of the large poles and signal lights used for signaling trains, as well as several small switching shacks where they would house the railway electronics. My son has asked if we could […]

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Nov 092014
Clear as Black and White

It seems that the “_______ Challenge” is the meme of the moment. One that bubbled up on Facebook the other day (at least, the first I heard of it), was the black and white challenge. I thought that they were putting me on. But apparently it is going around like the flu. So, my mother […]

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