Apr 042014

The 3D printing world and in my case, anti printing world has really ignited my brain. I have always built things. But I am not a craftsman where wood is concerned. I am always in awe when I see the beautiful things some people can craft from wood. The reality is that I have a LOT of interests. This means that in reality, and in my the hobbies, I don’t have the time to become a master of wood. This, for me is where the CNC comes into play. I can now make precision things that for me would have previously been impossible. In the past I had to keep to very simple shapes never really got to think outside of the proverbial box. More it’s sort of a ‘If you can dream it’ sort of thing. This is a heady concoction when dealing with a maker. Make something for yourself, and put into it all the features you little heart could desire.

While this project is not a too difficult, I am stretching an ‘all squares’ mentality. Taking the idea from the dB meter stand, I started playing with more with the idea of a phone stand. I did not want to outright copy it, and wanted to push my CAD skills a little further. One major concept that hit me in the face during dB meter is that I no longer have to see my construction of wooden things at 90 degrees angles. Usually people use square corners to make building easier. Being that the base will need a piece that will connect between the base and phone plate, I decided that the stand would be anything but straight. After sketching up a few ideas, came up with a look that swept smoothly out of the base and then curved back to the phone plate. rather than using only one leg like on the mater stand, I wanted 2 legs for more support. I wanted the phone to be able to be charged while on the stand and also have a 1/8th inch jack plug in for audio out.

While I am gaining a lot of understanding about these things, I keep finding little holes to fall into.  See… you have to measure EVERYTHING. If you want to design something, using a certain material, you have to design everything around the thickness of that material. So… just because something was one thickness the last time does not necessarily mean it will be the same next time. So… learning point? Myessss MEASURE! Designing with what you imagine your material thickness is will cost you a couple of hours later fixing things. Annnnd… I will leave the story there.

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