Mar 212014
dB Meter Stand

I am one of the sound people at the church I attend. Something that has always been an annoyance, though not really realizing that it was really bothering me, was that the dB meter we have is made of a very slick plastic. It is not so much the plastic that I disliked, it was […]

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Mar 182014
Have Dust Shoe... Will Travel

The next logical step (at least to me) was to get going on the dust shoe. While hand holding the vacuum works well, it is something that you have to keep a focus on throughout the whole milling job. Why? Because if you don’t, you will be met with a loud zzzshwap! when the end […]

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Mar 142014
Acoustical Absorption Testing

Several years ago I made 22 absorptive panels for my edit suite at work. These let me control the number and amount of reflective surfaces in the room. This is great for accurate listening so the room does not color the mix. When we moved into our new building, all the edit suites received  new […]

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Mar 122014
The Table

With proper cooling in place, I needed to respond to the needs of my wife… Get this $#!+ off of my kitchen table. Well, not her exact words, but I can read between the lines. Actually, she has been great about it all. I have been fretting about what and where my Shapeoko will live. […]

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Mar 032014
Cooling Tower

The next thing on my list was getting some air moving over the shield. While I understand that they will run hot and have become okay with the idea (sort of), I still want to take care of it. So I set off to cage the Arduino and shield and make a pseudo cooling stack […]

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