Feb 262014
Shapeoko - DeWalt DW660 - Mounted

I got the 660 mounted. The amount of run out (or lack there of) when compared to the default knock off Dremel is amazing. I fought that thing so much, I came into the DeWalt with that same expectation. I put the end mill in the spindle and it was straight. I mean, really really […]

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Feb 252014
Shapeoko - Spindle Mounts

The DW660 mounts are now cut. After learning a valuable lesson about not having stray pieces of wood near the wheels which bogged down the machine during a pass (not sure how it missed it the first couple of passes) sent my machine off by about an inch. I could not figure out what happened […]

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Feb 232014
Shapeoko: Now making it's own parts - Hold Downs

Hopefully this means the end of two sided carpet tape and spring clamps. I have now made six of these. The first came out awesome, but the following 3 were cut too shallow. I finished these with a drill sander. So, I had one which was pristine, and 3 which were a bit wonky. Regardless […]

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Feb 222014

I got my base boards ready for fun time. Holes, holes, and more holes. I wonder how many of these it would take to fill the Albert Hall. Hmmm. Shown work flow is LibreCad > CamBam > Universal GCode Sender > Mill

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Feb 132014

I have not done much more to the machine itself as I have been fighting the work flow. I have been trying various things for about 3 or 4 weeks, but I have basically stopped down to get a handle on it as this is a kind of important bit of the puzzle. I have […]

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