Jun 152013

1 Primerica Parkway from MYX on Vimeo.

This is a video I edited in June about our companies new building.
I shot most of the beauty B-roll building shots including aerials.
I did not shoot the P2 interaction / speaking stuff, nor the intro Interviews shot on RED at the head of the piece.

Helicopter pilot Tim Foster of Sky Fly Films

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Jun 102013

BOOM from MYX on Vimeo.

For this years convention workshop open, Dave (co-producer) and I decided to go a different route than we had in the past. We wanted something that was unique to the company. So, we wrote down all the little sayings, themes, and concepts we could think of that would resonate with the field. We then started to pair it down until we had a solid bit of structure. We then did something very scary, we wrote a rap song based on all of this. While this song would not mean much to the rest of the world, the field loved it. We don’t have actors, we have the field agents of Primerica. We used some of the most notable people in the company as our tallent. This is great as they can get behind something that means something to them. The only difficulty was that most of these folks are not necessarily musical. We made a scratch track for them to hear as they were walking in. Many really took to it and gave it a go. We shot the majority of it over a weekend. It was all shot on greenscreen with my 5D mkIII and Roland recorder. This is a lot of people and a lot of takes. But we got it all sorted out and made sure that if they volunteered, that they made it in to the piece somewhere. We had to do some time correction as some folks couldn’t find the beat, but none the less, it all worked out. We originally had planned a little over 2 weeks to edit and produce the open, but several other projects started bumping this out of the way. Finally we had to draw the line or else there was not going to be an open. This was put together in a week. We would have liked to do more with it, but there was no time. We finished rendering at 2:15 am on a Saturday (Sunday morning), and we left from the studio and went straight to the Ga. Dome to start working on video work which would be recorded there.

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