Oct 102009

OpToday DOME Open from MYX on Vimeo.

In 2009 we put together a graphics package for an convention. We then needed a show open. The original renders that I used in this piece were all frosty white with the only color being the red ribbon seen flying through the city. The original color can be seen at around 15 seconds in and at the end. I wanted to push the colors more in line with the show, and being the many folks had already seen the all the white footage, I decided to try to make this all ‘night’ looking. It was originally rendered as rgb black and white, so while it looked B&W, it really had traces of various color running through it, so it was not just a simple inversion. Being that the red was a color used in the show, that could not be inverted either. It was a fun puzzle to see what little pieces I could use to plus it into something interesting and usable. In this case I edited first so I did not have to fight any extra footage that I did not need to fight.

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