Jul 082009

This is the opening of the video I put together for LW Scientific when they unveiled their product, the Lumin. Their product is able to quickly detect TB out in the field, rather than over several weeks in a lab, far away.






This is just part of a much larger piece. Many folks would be seeing this so I wanted to make something that would quickly grab attention. Everything is built from stills. My favorite, is the third little vignette. I worked on the background for quite a while. The original photo was somewhat blown out in several areas. I built back in the window. Then I made some dirty glass. The glass was kept semi transparent so that a deeper background could be added. I worked on the baby for a while and eventually found the look I was going for. I selected an appropriate outside environment and put the whole thing into 3D within AE and finally did an overall color treatment.

The following video shows the progression of the baby image build up.

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