Jan 012009

This was a test vid I edited in January 2009. It was shot on the Panasonic HMC-150. We were trying to get the AVCHD workflow sorted out. So, we went to the local car wash and started shooting. I edited in Adobe Premiere Pro directly off the chip.I would kind of like to remake this but actually spend some time on setting up some nice shots. This was really more or less, just a run and gun.

The guy at the car wash was cool, he just let us walk around wherever we wanted to go. It is the type of place where the driver gets out of the car and waits while the car is washed. So, really, there was no one freaking out at us if we got too close to their car. The only real worry was the spray from the wash. When the jets hit, it creates wind. The wind blows the spray everywhere. I kept a close watch which way the spray was going for several cycles before getting some of these shots.

I found this music and started to edit to it, just to have something to cut to. The more I played with the footage, the more I got to like the music. I find it odd how you could manipulate something without any real meaning into something with the right music. I decided to keep it. It is totally goofy and melodramatic, but it sort of works (as far as a video about car washes can… well… work).

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