Sep 062006

I am waiting on a marquee retainer from Arcadeshop. It should be here on Friday.

I guess once you get the cabinet inside, the build process fractures. I have been trying to get the dang thing done. I have been sitting at my desktop and am held up with the FE (Front End) issues. I have a lot of different technologies that I am trying to get talking.
Trying to get the LEDWiz working with the FE, the FE with the GPWiz49, and in some flavor of MAME. There are so many front ends and so many options. Will I use Johnny5, will I use Atomic FE, will I use Dragon King, will I use MAMEWah? I just want to make it go. My brain hurts from trying to read so much on so many different websites, and keep it straight from FE to FE. Trying to understand how to write batch files. I am trying to understand it all. There is just a lot to take in.

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