Mar 112006

I took a break from the auction games and decided to work on my cab. It is a beautiful day. Perfect temperature, lotsa sun, and more so…dry. I got a coin door at a somewhat local arcade / pinball shop. I saw that he was using a half of an old Dynamo cabinet as a TV stand. I asked about the coin door. The guy said that if I pulled myself it, I could have it for $15. It was a pain in the butt to get it out as there was no way to open the back and I could not see what I was doing at all. After a lot of trying, I finally got it out. $15 for a over under. That is an awesome deal.

Today I installed the key lock for the back door of the cab. I drilled out the initial hole, then routed the rest. Routing at a 90 degree angle is no fun. Looking back, I should have taken the door off and then routed out the lock hole. But it went fine. The hardest part was figuring out the little gizmo on the lock that determines which direction it turns. Then I routed out the hold for the coin door. This was pretty darn easy.